Can I modify the content of a migration after it has been applied ?
  • Yes, in development. The Evolve.MustEraseOnValidationError option is provided specifically for this use case.
  • No, in production. The checksum validation performed by Evolve will fail. Since we’re in production, erasing the data and starting over will likely not be an option.
Can multiple nodes migrate in parallel ?

Yes! Evolve will use the session level lock of your database to coordinate the migrations on multiple nodes. This prevents two distinct Evolve executions from running an Evolve command on the same database at the same time.

Is it possible to get connection string from connectionStrings section ?

Yes! The option Evolve.ConnectionString can also be the name of a key in a connectionStrings section of your config file.

Can I provide configuration via environment variables ?

Yes! Use this syntax for your environment variables: ${DB_PWD}

Is it possible to disable the MS Build task ?
  • Yes! For .NET Core projects, do not add any evolve.json file in your solution.
  • Yes! For .NET projects, do not add any Evolve.* keys in <appSettings> or let the Evolve.Command value empty.