• 1.2+ of Cassandra with CQL v3


  • The parser will divide scripts in commands by dividing it into lines and look for lines that finish with the ‘;’ character; make sure all your commands end with a ‘;’ that is the last character of a line.
    • If a line in a comment or a literal ends with ‘;’, it will be an issue: avoid it.
  • If Evolve has to create a keyspace because it does not exist, it will create it using the SimpleStrategy replication strategy with a replication factor of 1 (see create keyspace documentation )
    • You can alter that replication strategy later in one of your script if you like, but you will then have to run the nodetool repair -full on each node, as described in the Changing keyspace replication strategy procedure.
    • If you use the same keyspace for your data and the the metadata table of Evolve, Evolve will create that keyspace prior to running migration scripts if it does not exist (see above); make sure that your script creates the keyspace with the if not exists parameter in that case.
    • For all these reasons, it is recommended that you create the keyspace separately at the moment.
  • The use <keyspace>; command is not supported by the underlying driver. Make sure you prefix all your table names with their respective keyspace in all commands (example: create table mykeyspace.mytable.


  • Allow configuration of the default replication strategy when Evolve creates a keyspace